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Programs for founders immigrants organizations

Tailored program to build your foundation...... in 5-10 hours!

As a professional business consultant, I offer comprehensive consultancy services. 

My consulting clients are diverse and include jobseekers, founders, immigrants and organisations regardless of size (SMEs & corporate clients).

I use my expertise to address your unique challenges & capitalise on opportunities. Drawing on a deep understanding of business processes, industry trends, and strategic management, I will collaborate closely with clients to analyse their current operations, identify areas for improvement, and develop tailored solutions. 

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Designed for


As an entrepreneur and a former tech founder, I have that first-hand perspective on starting and scaling a business.

See available courses and a list of my services here.

Expats / Immigrants

The world of emigration and living abroad is full of questions and challenges.

I have navigated this journey since I was a teenager. Now, I help other migrants use my experience to improve their lives.


Corporations, SMEs including startups, non-profits & any other similar entities.

Work with me to identify smart &    strategic solutions.


Consulting Programs | FAQs

Below are answers to some of the most common questions about the Advisory Sessions Consulting offered by Sohrab Vazir.

What is the Advisory Program?

As a consultant, and a tech startup founder, I am aware of the areas my clients need help with the most.

With that in mind, I have designed selected one-to-one consulting packages that are:

  • Fixed in price
  • Tailored
  • Subject-specific,
  • Involves direct video calls with me 5 sessions
Who is this for?

Any individual, especially:

  • Founders;
  • Immigrants;
  • Organizations: government bodies, startups, NGOs, IGOs, non-profit & corporate.
How does the program work?

There are 5 sessions, and each will be allocated to a certain topic. 

However, I give each client the flexibility to focus on a specific area if they wish to.

Are these coaching/masterclass programs?

No, they are not! 

This is an advisory program, which spans across 5 sessions of 1:1 video calls.

Plus, each program is based on a specific subject and/or issue (e.g. “coming up with a business name” or “cultural integration”)

Why 5 sessions?

Unlike many other programs that hook you into subscriptions for generalized information, this program emphasizes the importance of time.


This is built upon almost a decade of personal and professional experience.

What is unique about these programs?

Apart from being unique in structure (short, cost-efficient and tailored), these are also unique in nature. 

The programs teach you what universities, and other sources of information, do not.


How much does it cost?

Each 5-session advisory program has its own cost, ranging from £300 to £1000.

What if 5 sessions are not enough for me?

The themes that the programs are designed for normally require 5 sessions.

However, if you feel that this is not enough, you can always re-order the same 5-session program, or book my hourly time.

Can I reorder the advisory program and/or more hours?



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