👋Hi, my name is Sohrab

I am a consultant as well as the UK's leading independent business advisor for corporate immigration. At 22 years of age, I founded my own PropTech venture & scaled it to 30+ UK cities.


✔️ My Services

Business Immigration / Visa Endorsement

Having successfully obtained 3 UK Entrepreneur Visas , I'm fully aware of the processes (and challenges). I will help you create the perfect business proposal for your endorsement application for the Innovator Founder visa (Note: I do not provide immigration advice as of yet).

Business Name & Branding

Branding and your business identity requires various practical & legal considerations. This includes guiding you through IP, Trade Marks, legal research & other standard protocols.

Content & Copywriting

As a tech founder (of a highly SEO-reliant company), as well as an expert copywriter, I will create tailored content based on industry trends and research. Thought leadership & inbound marketing are among my strongest skills.

Research (Academic)

I may be able to provide help in a number of areas (mainly Business Management, Politics & International Relations) . Contact me for individual queries. All requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis

Start-up Consulting (UK)

Formulate a viable business idea & guide you through the process of setting up a company in the UK.

Business Planning - Innovator Founder Visa (UK)

I will guide you in the right direction and if necessary (in the case of migrant entrepreneurs), I can also draft & prepare your business plan. My previous work has been accepted by the UK Home Office, Newcastle University and NatWest.

Business Plans

Review & evaluate your business pIan.


Whether it's accelerators, angel investors or VCs, I will help you with finding the right stakeholder as well as preparing a viable and credible application.


Audits, keyword research, content planning, strategy & more. I have 7+ years of experience in SEO & can help you with a strategic plan to take advantage of SEO/inbound marketing.

Marketing & Communications

Advise on your marketing plan & objectives. Also includes an evaluation of your CSR objectives & any potential approach to social causes as an organisation.

Personal Journey Moments

Corporate Immigration

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