In this day and age, free courses for new founders can be super helpful. Starting a new business comes with many challenges and budget is usually the biggest. 

Therefore, in this article I will share a list of free courses for new founders as a starting point for your entrepreneurship journey. Of course, it must be noted that these courses are primarily centred around digital tools. Therefore, this article may not be applicable to founders seeking a non-digital free course. 

Introduction to Generative AI | Free Course by Google

Great introductory course for founders and other individuals to understand the basics of Generative AI.

Introduction to Large Language Models (LLM) | Free Course by Google

This is a useful course for founders who wish to develop their own GenAI applications.

Google Analytics | Free Course by Google

Google Analytics is the fundamental tool that allows you to track your online presence as a founder. Therefore, it’s really important to prioritise learning about Google Analytics as you start your own business. 

Google Search Console | YouTube Series by Google Search Central 

Next up is Google Search Console. I mentioned how awesome Google Search Console is in another article about 5 Free Awesome SEO Tools.

Google Search Console is the tool that will enable you to track the keywords that your website is ranking for. Of course, the features are far more detailed, but that’s the essential function of Google Search Console

Google Digital Garage | Free Course by Google 

Google Digital Garage offers courses within a number of areas, most notably digital marketing. 

“The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing” course is free and also comes with a certificate which you can add to your resume or LinkedIn profile too. 

Digital Marketing Course | Free Course by HubSpot Academy

One of the really useful free courses for new founders is the Digital Marketing Course offered by HubSpot academy. It covers the key elements of digital marketing which is very useful for every new business owner. 

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace | Course on Udemy

Right, so with this last one I wanted to highlight a different angle. So much of the current trends and directions are towards acquiring technical and commercial skills. Over the years there has been increasing attention towards “soft skills”, especially those applicable to the workplace such as emotional intelligence. 

Therefore, it was worth mentioning a free course for new founders that targets their interpersonal competencies. 

Introduction to Microsoft Excel | Course on Coursera

Being proficient with Excel can go a long way, and therefore this course hosted on Coursera can be very useful to new founders

Build a free website with WordPress | Course on Coursera

This course is very useful if you wish to build a website for your founders, especially for smaller and more basic projects.

These are some of the best free courses for new founders… For more insights check out my blog + discover more about my advisory learning programs for new founders below.

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