Business Immigration (Global)

Thinking of starting a business abroad?

This page covers business immigration services for all countries, except the UK.

🇬🇧 For help with the UK business relocation, including on the Innovator Founder Visa or other pathways, please go to this page

I embarked on my journey to the UK alone at the age of 17, initially with a student visa to pursue higher education. My business immigration journey began following the successful completion of my master’s degree in international law.

Newcastle University , where I studied, endorsed me for two business visas. Over time, I secured several entrepreneur visas, ultimately leading to the attainment of permanent residence in the UK.

This was by the virtue of my startup, StudyFlats, which I scaled to over 30 cities as well as job creation in the UK. 

In essence, my background has given me the knowledge & firsthand experience in navigating the business immigration journey.

As a former migrant entrepreneur, I have successfully navigated the business immigration journey

Now I help other migrant entrepreneurs set up their businesses abroad. As a business consultant, my range of services are vast and cover all your business needs.

Countries that I have previously worked on

Business Idea Generation

Help you
develop the right business idea.

Idea Review

Need an objective evaluation of your business idea? I will consult you and highlight the flaws of your concept.