UK Innovator Founder Visa

I am the UK's #1 & first independent business consultant for international entrepreneurs considering the Innovator Founder Visa

My background

I moved to the UK alone on a student visa in pursuit of further education when I was 17 years old.

After completing my master’s degree in international law, I was endorsed by Newcastle University for two business visas (formerly the Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur Visa replaced by the current Start-up Visa). I obtained several entrepreneur visas until receiving my Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR)/ Settlement in the UK. I never used a lawyer and obtained the following visas:

🚀 Milestones

My company, StudyFlats, through which I settled in the UK, achieved the following:

  • Business development & property portfolio growth from 2 to 30+ UK cities (10,000 students rooms)
  • 1,000+ students consulted & assisted
  • Enquiries from 50+ countries
  • 2 endorsements from Newcastle University for business visas (annually limited to 20 out of 6,000 students)
  • Job creation for 4 people in the UK 

Plus, I was accepted onto & completed the NatWest Entrepreneur accelerator program. This was a former/legacy endorser for Startup and Innovator visas. 

To summarise: I know & have been through the journey…! 

Work with me

Expert Opinion

I scaled a tech business to 30+ UK cities, and can help you with the commercial matters of your business.

Idea Feedback

See how viable your idea and its potential is.

Solid Business Plan

I will help you draft the best business plan possible.

Innovator Founder Visa Idea Assessment Financial Feedback Market Evaluation Sales Plan Consultation

🚀 Helping founders create solid business proposals & plans

As a former immigrant founder who has scaled a tech startup in the UK (and settled here via the latter), I use my business experience to create the strongest business proposition for you. 

Some of the key areas that I can help with include:

  • Business idea feedback: understand the practicality and processes of setting up your business 
  • Business plan review & writing 
  • Cultural proficiency & guidance to doing business in the UK
  • Funding 
  • Legal assistance (patents, trade marks) & laws governing commerce  
  • Marketing / Market research 
  • Strategy consulting 
  • Skills assessment 

I help with business plans business strategy endorsement application & much more....

I am not able to discuss your business or your personal profile unless you book the Into Session below. 

My assistance only focuses on your business, and I cannot advise on any immigration applications.

Legal Disclaimer (Read Before Proceeding)

Intro Session

General feedback
£ 99
Idea Feedback
Finacial Feedback
Skills Assessment
1 Session
Business Plan Review

Advisory Program

Focus area of your choice
£ 400
Business Plan Review
Interview Preperation
Business Legal Compliance
Strategy Consulting
Sales & Marketing
5 Sessions

Business Coaching

All aspects of your business
£ 800
Business Plan Review
Business Legal Compliance
Strategy Consulting
Sales & Marketing
Financial Evaluation
6 Sessions
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Disclaimer | Please note that I am not an immigration advisor or solicitor.

I am a business consultant and help founders/teams/companies with their business needs. This may include the provision of general information, signposting and assistance on setting up a business in the UK. This is regardless of:

-The founders/founding team being based in the UK or not;

-The founder’s immigration status, intentions or any future/pending applications.

My services are not provided for the purpose of immigration applications or compliance. The purpose of the provision of any services is assistance in planning, launching & growing a commercial venture in the UK.

I may signpost clients to external advisors or services, such as patent attorneys and accountancy services.

I cannot and do not advise on whether you will be able to secure an endorsement or a visa. Nor do I assist with any immigration applications, including endorsement.

Any feedback on the innovation and viability of your business is based on a commercial viewpoint alone and I cannot advise on the immigration implications of these or any other matter.

All references to the Innovator Founder Visa in our services or content are general free information that is publicly accessible, or personal opinions on general matters irrelevant to any particular individual/entity & entirely reflective of our services easing the planning and setup of a business in the UK for international founders, similar to an accountancy service or marketing agency. 

For immigration advice, you should refer to a regulated immigration advisor (regulated by the OISC) or solicitor (regulated by the SRA), or other regulated professionals.

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Extra help


Business Plan Writing

I can help you with every aspect of your business plan.

Working with me helps you develop an articulate, credible and viable business plan / proposal. 



Seeking to fund your business/start-up?

Regardless of your funding type (e.g. angel investment, VCs or crowdfunding), I will help you create a solid strategy and get started correctly.


Branding & Marketing 

I have spent the past six years being in charge of digital marketing activities across several industries. 

Whether you’re B2B or B2C, I can help you implement a successful digital marketing strategy. 


🗨️ Innovator Founder visa services | FAQ

What is the UK Innovator Founder visa?

The UK Innovator Founder visa is for those who wish to set up a business in the UK.

Do you work with all types of businesses?

Yes. Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur, a small business or a medium organisation seeking to establish a UK branch, I am able to help.

Do you only help with specific types of businesses or industries?

No, I work with a very broad range of businesses. 

However, there are certain exceptions & specific types of industries which I may not be able to assist with due to ethical or legal considerations. 

Can you write my business plan?


Creating the best presentation of the business proposition in the form of a business plan is the key goal ~ and that’s where my help comes in.

I can help with every aspect of the business plan, including  drafting one. Of course, this needs to be on the basis of the idea / primary research and info coming from you. 

Please note: I do not produce or sell generic, plagiarised or templated business plans. All works are tailored, unique and produced by myself.

Do you provide immigration advice?

No. My services are only of a business and advisory nature. 

If you require immigration advice, you should seek one that is officially regulated (in the UK the regulatory body is the OISC).

Can you share examples of your work?


I am happy to share a sample of my own previous business plan (which was approved by the UK Home Office).

This is to ensure you have an idea of the standard of work to expect.

Can you share the work you have done for other clients?

No, unless they are specific forms of work that are publicly accessible (e.g. a blog article or digital content).

Due to the confidential and sensitive nature of business plans, I apply and operate under a policy of absolute confidentiality with my clients whom I write business plans for.

I help with business plans business strategy endorsement application & much more....

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