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I am the UK's #1 business consultant for international founders & specialise in writing business plans

As an entrepreneur who has founded his own company, I have first-hand experience of creating business plans. 

When I was 22 years old as I had just completed my master’s degree, I embarked on the entrepreneurship journey. I started a property technology (PropTech) business called StudyFlats. Within 3 years, I grew the business to over 30+ UK cities with a customer base in 100+ countries.

My work has also received recognition from established parties such as the UK Home Office and NatWest. I am also skilled in creating business plans for funding and other purposes such as incubators.

Business plan writing for various purposes



Accelerators & Incubators

All your business plan needs

  • Consulting

    Writing a business plan is not a simple task. It requires plenty of forethought. My consulting is designed to gather all the "pieces of the puzzle".

  • Review

    Already have a complete business plan and need objective/professional feedback? This is for you

  • Proofreading

    Apart from commercial experience, I have a master's degree in law and all work as a professional copywriter. I will ensure your business plan

  • Writing

    If required, I am able to write and design your entire business plan from scratch. Please see below for full details.

How it works

I believe that the best solution is unique to each founder. Hence, I have divided my service into the following stages to gain a full understanding of every single client. 

Business Plan Essentials

Writing the best business plan requires plenty of forethought. The key elements that I emphasise & build on during the consultation are thorough and practical.


The main purpose of any business is generating revenue. Hence, this should be your primary concern, in addition to identifying a viable market and problem/ solution. 

Working with me ensures that you are on top of your game with your numbers and have an investor-ready and viable financial proposition.


Once your business model is established and a market is defined, the next step is your marketing strategy.

How will you enter your target market? What "shortcuts" are there to minimise your resource allocation for optimal outcomes?

This is a key part of my work as a consultant: to help you formulate a realistic marketing/sales plan.


What problem are you solving? Or, how are you improving an existing solution? 


Whilst some businesses may not necessarily be solving a "problem" (for instance, think of Coca Cola)


How well do you know your market? What are their struggles and habits? Do you have a through understanding of factors such as the market size and individual customer profiles?


These are some of the queries that my consulting  will address and define. 


You must have a unique selling proposition (USP) and/or means to defend your business concept. In other words, you must overcome existing market barriers and create them for new entrants.


We will work on identifying and articulating your USP and implement it in the business plan writing process.


The first step is arranging an introductory call between me and you/your team. 

The purpose of this call is to:

  • Answer your queries about my help
  • Identify the business case 
  • Understand your needs 
  • Determine whether I can proceed with your project

If I decide to take your project onboard, I may request further documentation and/or information to make the final evaluation. 

Once it is decided to begin the project, the writing timeline and a tailored proposal/invoice will be sent to the client. 


Payment is made in 2 or 3 instalments (depending on the project). The first payment is due prior to the commencement of writing the business plan. 

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