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Starting a business in the UK requires an endorsement from an Innovator Founder Visa Endorsing Body. These are organisations that are approved by the Home Office to issue endorsements to selected international entrepreneurs. 

According to the UK Government’s website, there are currently 3 Innovator Founder visa Endorsing Bodies, which you can find HERE. Regardless of your immigration status/nationality, the process of approaching an Innovator Founder visa Endorsing Eody does have a business/commercial element. For instance, your business plan and how well you articulate your idea are integral to the endorsement outcome. 

In this article, I seek to highlight 3 points that may be beneficial in choosing an Endorsing Body. This is best for your business proposition (e.g. their past portfolio and expertise in your sector). Thus, these factors are the “business/commercial” ones rather than being associated with the visa application. 


This is a significant factor in any form of relationship, whether personal or professional. 

Moreover, you will have to work with the Innovator Founder visa Endorsing Body that you choose for the duration of your visa. Hence, it’s important to ensure there is sufficient communication that you feel comfortable with as an entrepreneur. 

Pay attention to how you and the Endorsing Body communicate in the initial stage. Communication is always a reliable indicator.

Communication is also evident in an organisation’s clarity about their procedures.

Startup portfolio of the Endorsing Body

Another helpful factor in choosing an Endorsing Body, or even another stakeholder such as an accelerator in the next stages, is looking at the past companies under their support. 

One that may be decisive is industry knowledge. For instance, you have a business proposition in the Blockchain sector and the Endorsing Body has previously supported founders in the same industry.

Additional support offered by the Innovator Founder Visa endorsing body

Each founder has their own unique circumstances. Therefore, it is a good idea to find out whether the Endorsing Body that you are targeting offers any form of additional support. 

However, as stated, this may not be applicable to every founder. 

About My name is Sohrab Vazir. I’m a UK-based entrepreneur and business consultant. At the age of 22, and while I was an international student (graduate), I started my own Property Technology (PropTech) business, StudyFlats.I did so by obtaining an endorsement from Newcastle University under the Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur Scheme (similar to the current Start-Up Visa). Subsequently, I obtained a further 3-year Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa (which was replaced by the Innovator Visa). I grew my business to over 30 UK cities, and a team of four, and also obtained my Indefinite Leave to Remain (Settlement) in the UK. I now help other migrant entrepreneurs, such as myself, with their businesses, and mainly with obtaining endorsements from the endorsing bodies.