If your company relies on SEO in any shape or form, it’s good to be aware of the best and latest free SEO tools available.  In this article I will look at 5 cool and effective SEO tools that are out there:

Yoast SEO 

Yoast is a comprehensive SEO plugin. Personally, I listed it as the first one on the list due to my own personal experience with this tool. 

The key benefit of Yoast is that it helps you learn the foundations of both copywriting and keyword optimization in the context of SEO. Below is an example of how the Yoast SEO tool looks like (and yes, it’s my own dashboard). 

The only downside of Yoast is that it only works with WordPress, and is not supported by platforms such as Shopify

Yoast also offers both free and premium/paid versions so it’s suitable for all types of users. Even if you’re not planning on using WordPress, Yoast is still quite useful. Check out their free SEO lessons, which is ideal for beginners.


Ahrefs is another comprehensive SEO tool. The first benefit is that it is not limited to a specific platform. Additionally, Ahrefs provides various features such as keyword research, and competitor analysis tools. 

The downside of Ahrefs is that it may be slightly expensive for small businesses or for freelancers. Nevertheless, it does offer some free features so it’s definitely worth keeping in mind among the SEO tools available.

Google Search Console 

Google Search Console is a free and essential SEO tool, rather than a complimentary “add-on” solution. 

The key importance of Google Search Console is that it shows you exactly what people are searching for on Google. Primarily, it enables you to determine where and what your content is ranking for. Subsequently, you are able to use this data to optimise your content. 

Google Trends 

Google Trends is one of the tools that is very useful especially when it comes to SEO planning. It enables you to discover the popularity of specific search queries and/or subjects over a specific period of time. 


SEO is an extensive field consisting of both technical and non-technical aspects. 

Therefore, you should consistently monitor both. 

Seobility is one of the prominent SEO tools for auditing your website. 

Check it out here…….It’s completely free!

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