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Communications & Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

Communications form the essence of everything that happens around us. Regardless of who you are, the correct approach to communication is a major determinant of your progress. 
Whether you’re a solo founder needing a comms strategy or a larger organisation seeking to train your workforce, this program is for you.
Moreover, this program is ideal if you are seeking to develop an efficient stakeholder engagement strategy. 
My multi-disciplinary approach  is modern, resource efficient & tailored.
Fixed Cost Per Program
£ 500

What the advisory program sessions cover?

  • Discovery

    The first and /or second sessions will be spent on understanding you and your needs.

  • Identification

    We will identify your current stage, your goals, challenges & will decide on which areas to focus on.

  • Evaluation

    On the final stage, we will evaluate and formulate a tailored communications & stakeholder engagement strategy.

  • Comms Strategy

    We will discuss your current communications strategy, needs as well as your weaknesses.


Personalised 1:1

This is not a masterclass, or some    online “coaching” conference where one person speaks to an audience.

You will have 6 video calls directly with me, and the first session is designed to get to know you, your skills, interests, and aspirations.

Fixed Price

The entire 5-hour consulting package has a fixed price of £300 (there is no VAT to pay either).

No ongoing costs or additional expenses are involved.

Simple & no commitment

Skip talking to multiple people and    listening to boring presentations.

Talk to a fellow immigrant who has been through the journey for over 10 years and made it. Read my resume for more information


  • Evaluation & Assessment

    You will gain a better understanding of your communications and/or stakeholder engagement needs.

  • Tailored Strategy

    Expert objective view on drafting the perfect communications and stakeholder engagement strategy.

  • Insight into CSR

    Understand, improve & evaluate your CSR objectives and strategy. I will make bespoke recommendations on how to harness your national and/or international impact.

How to sign up

👉 Step 1 | Booking & Deposit | £100

The £100 deposit enables me to secure your place in my calendar and arrange for our first call.

This is also the cost of your first session.


👉 Step 2 | Fill the form below

Once you have made the payment, come back to this page & fill the form below.

I will then email you and arrange for the first session.

Advisory Consulting General Inquiry

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