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Struggling with jobs & work experience? Lack writing skills? Constant rejections?

Securing work as an international student is tough work. 

I know this because I have been in your shoes myself, and found myself unable to secure roles solely because of my passport.

And I am here to help you overcome some of those employment barriers. 

Your citizenship affects your job prospects....which is why you are here reading this

I came to the UK as an international student. Following the completion of my master’s degree in international law (from a Russell Group university), I was unable to secure roles as I needed sponsorship.


At the time, I had to leave the UK after 6 months following graduation, so there was no post-study work visa option available. That led to me becoming an entrepreneur, a journey that I continue to embark on.

Forget about "CV writing/review" services

One simple Google search will you give you hundreds (if not thousands) of CV writing/review services. However, most of them have a genetic approach to CVs. And almost none of them focus on international students. 

I will approach your query from a former international student and an immigrant’s perspective. 

My service is tailored and helps you understand the dynamics of the job market

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