In the world of entrepreneurship, many are continuously exploring how to be a more efficient entrepreneur. And it’s hardly a surprise: being an entrepreneur is hard work and efficiency is integral to success. 

One of the main challenges of entrepreneurship is the fact that there is no universal solution or how-to guide to its success. Hence why I mostly view “entrepreneurship tips” on the internet with cynicism. 

However, one point that many may agree with is that being an efficient entrepreneur demands considerable self-management and self-discipline. And it’s hardly a surprise: you really are on your own and the odds are (usually) against you. Thus, you need to have sufficient self-awareness and a sense of discipline to push through the hard times (oh and there will be plenty, take my word for it).

About me

So, let’s start this one with me: 

I started my first business, a PropTech venture called StudyFlats, straight after finishing my master’s degree at Newcastle University

At the time, I was 22 years old, and lived the unhealthiest lifestyle possible. For instance, I was a cigarette smoker and smoked well over 25 cigarettes everyday. Moreover, I was completely alien to any form of physical exercise or regimen. 

About 2 years after I launched StudyFlats, my lifestyle and some other life stressors took their toll on my well-being. Without going into further details, I spent months in surgery and in between hospitals and GP surgeries. 

I can certainly say that the stress and pressure of being a solo founder had a considerable effect on my health. 

It was exactly during this period that I discovered calisthenics. Calisthenics is a form of physical exercise that incorporates bodyweight movements and other forms of conventional training such as pull-ups. 

Pursuing this sport on a consistent basis helped me:

  • Become REALLY strong, far beyond I ever imagined I could be 
  • Improve personal-discipline
  • Find an amazing new hobby 
  • Meet new people, whom I have had the pleasure to learn a lot from

My advice to every entrepreneur would be to prioritise their health, with the view that their well-being is integral to their venture’s success. 

Physical activity helps entrepreneurs in various ways. 

Health is wealth 

As cliche as this may sound, but your health really is your wealth. 

Would you wish to see your venture’s success and become a multi-millionaire/billionaire, but have to spend all your time concerned about your health? No. 

Moreover, let’s look at this in a more practical sense: any personal issue, and certainly health issues, has a direct impact on your project’s outcomes. 

Therefore, it’s super important to ensure your health and well-being comes before anything else. 

Self-discipline is integral to entrepreneurship 

I have almost covered this point entirely earlier. But, given its importance it is worthy of its own sub-heading/section. 

Physical activity and the persuasion of a sport does not only improve your physical well-being. The process itself affects your brain wiring and mental outlook as well. 

The most important outcome of improved physical health is that it reinforces the importance of self-discipline in a real-life context. 

As an example, I personally felt that I could:

  • Network and form working relationships better 
  • Have more confidence and subsequently become a better negotiator 
  • Be more open to new ideas and experiences 

That sums it up really! As a founder who has been through the dark side of work affecting my well-being, I hope to prevent the same fate for other fellow entrepreneurs. 

My name is Sohrab Vazir. I’m a UK-based entrepreneur and business consultant. At the age of 22, and while I was an international student (graduate), I started my own Property Technology (PropTech) business, StudyFlats which I scaled to over 30 UK cities. I currently help other entrepreneurs and businesses of all size with the digital marketing strategy around SEO, copywriting and content.