You’ve decided to look into hiring SEO copywriters. The word “saturated” would perhaps be an understatement to describe this sector. Hence, finding the best SEO copywriter(s) can be challenging.  SEO is crucial if your business has a digital presence, which it most likely does. The obvious reason is that online searching, particularly Google, is where customers will find your business. However, another key importance of SEO is that it helps you communicate with your audience through content.  With the latter in mind, I will emphasise the “content” aspect as it will be a major factor in hiring SEO copywriters.   The purpose of hiring SEO copywriters should be the creation of content that: Personally, during my time managing my PropTech startup, StudyFlats, I made several mistakes with hiring SEO copywriters. I worked with both freelance writers as well as my own in-house marketing team.  These are the three things that I’d recommend considering when hiring SEO copywriters: I. Writing portfolios  An obvious one. Past work is a good indicator of the type of standards that you can expect.  There are external websites such as Contently that freelance SEO writers use to create their own portfolios. Check mine HERE. II. Familiarity with your industry  This may not be the ultimate deciding factor. Creating SEO-optimised content mainly requires expertise and superb writing skills. Hence, a skilled SEO copywriter should normally be able to create engaging content regardless of their past experience.  However, it is undeniable that past work and experience specifically in your industry is a positive factors when hiring SEO copywriters.  III. Demeanour and attitude  Hiring SEO copywriters may be far from being similar to hiring employees.  Nevertheless, it’s important to understand that working with a copywriter is still a business relationship.  Moreover, you do not want to work with a professional who may be good at what they do but have a negative attitude.  Let’s look at some of the attitude green and red flags in a copywriter: Green flags Red flags Respectful & professional behaviour Rude & unprofessional (e.g. late responses, general bad attitude) Client testimonials & reviews No reviews or testimonials from previous clients (albeit there are exceptions) Takes time to understand your business & allows you to explain your issues in details Does 95%of the talking / Asks little or no questions about your business / Self-centred & one-sided dialogue These are the three top things to consider when hiring SEO copywriters.  Need help with SEO and copywriting? Contact me today (and you can test me on these three factors too). About My name is Sohrab Vazir. I’m a UK-based entrepreneur and business consultant. At the age of 22, and while I was an international student (graduate), I started my own Property Technology (PropTech) business, StudyFlats which I scaled to over 30 UK cities. I currently help other entrepreneurs and businesses of all size with the digital marketing strategy around SEO, copywriting and content.