If you have considered or are considering working with a freelance SEO writer, this article is for you. As a tech startup founder, and now a digital marketing consultant, I have dealt with SEO for over 7 years! As an SEO copywriter myself (see more details here), I thought it would be helpful to share why working with SEO writers can be valuable.  When I started my first company, StudyFlats, I needed to learn about SEO. It all just seemed so complicated and tech-based. This combined with having to juggle around all other areas of the business made me reliant on external third parties.  Initially, I worked with a marketing agency, which proved useless. The high costs associated with digital marketing agencies further prompted me to seek freelancers, mainly freelance SEO writers.  Bear in mind that I had £400 in my bank account as a marketing budget in the first year (oh those really were the days). Anyway, I soon discovered that working with a freelance SEO writer can be hugely beneficial, so long as the following are clear: 2 years later, I hired a marketing team of four at StudyFlats and oversaw SEO content creation as a team leader/CEO. Hence, I also possess first-hand experience with SEO writers as employees. So let’s look at why you should work with a freelance SEO copywriter: Cost-efficient  Perhaps the key differentiating factor in favour of freelancers against digital marketing agencies is the pricing.  Working with a freelance SEO writer helps you generate far more content at a fraction of an agency’s cost.  Tailored SEO service  Working with an individual freelancer, in contrast to an agency, allows for a more tailored service. Many individual freelancers are (more) dependent on positive client feedback and retention.  Less liability  Working with digital marketing agencies and/or freelance SEO writers bears less legal liability than hiring employees.  Unless your venture is at the stage in which it needs more permanent employees, then perhaps you may consider the recruitment option.  However, EVEN if you do decide to hire employees, working with freelance SEO writers can still be cost-efficient. Plus, it’s beneficial as it creates a new frame set for your existing content.  These are some of the reasons why working with a freelance SEO writer can benefit your business. If you are looking to hire a freelance SEO writer, then get in touch with me today! About My name is Sohrab Vazir. I’m a UK-based entrepreneur and business consultant. At the age of 22, and while I was an international student (graduate), I started my own Property Technology (PropTech) business, StudyFlats which I scaled to over 30 UK cities. I currently help other entrepreneurs and businesses of all size with the digital marketing strategy around SEO, copywriting and content.